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WRA's Unsung Hero Announced!

The AusCongo Network began as a grassroots, bottom-up approach to poverty relief in Mbuji-Mayi, DRC's third largest city, and has now transformed the lives of almost 1,500 people! Using an assets-based community development model with weekly trainings in capacity building, eleven industry groups hav...
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Costa - from refugee to Australian advocate!

Husband, father, grandfather, pastor, Congolese leader, President of AusCongo Network, Constantin (Costa) Bengankuna Mukendi is a man with an amazing dream to build the social and economic wealth of Congolese in Brisbane, in the DR Congo and wherever his people live across Australia, Africa and inde...
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Latest Webtraining Graduate

A huge congratulations goes to our latest Webtraining graduate, Daniel Salamu from Burkina Faso! Beginning the course last year, he flew through all three stages of the course to pass with flying colours. Daniel was given something to smile about earlier this month when his hard-earned certificate o...
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