Stories of Change

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Mr and Mrs Pa, with just a little support, have been doing so well. Living on the Cambodian side of the Thai-Cambodia border, they are responsible for the welfare and education of their grandchildren while the parents work away in Thailand. Mr Pa has a viable charcoal business and works alongside hi...
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AusCongo Network are hiring!

Role Purpose: Project Description & Outcomes wanted from the project -• This a 6 months Sewing Social Enterprise Project to train at least 12 participantsActivities will include training in:• sewing skills,• English skills ,• Employment skills• Business skills.• Life skills to integrate in Austr...
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Schooling in Flores

The Flores Village Project, through their long-term, slow & steady approach, is excited that all children in the villages of Wawa, Nio and Matago are now able to access primary school. ​The community of Matago has seen the greatest change with the building and establishment of their new primary ...
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Dany's Mushroom Farm

Dany is 40 years old and is raising these two children in her Cambodian border town because their parents are working in Thailand. She is able to send the kids to school because she is tending a home garden with a good variety of vegetables planted. She collects the vegetables every day to sell...
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Sari's Opportunity

Sari is 44 years old and comes from Cambodia. He went to Thailand in search of work when he was teenager. He didn't get higher education, just finishing primary school. He worked in Thailand for more than 10 years. While in Thailand, he kept moving from place to place as a construction site worker a...
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WRA's Unsung Hero Announced!

The AusCongo Network began as a grassroots, bottom-up approach to poverty relief in Mbuji-Mayi, DRC's third largest city, and has now transformed the lives of almost 1,500 people! Using an assets-based community development model with weekly trainings in capacity building, eleven industry groups hav...
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Costa - from refugee to Australian advocate!

Husband, father, grandfather, pastor, Congolese leader, President of AusCongo Network, Constantin (Costa) Bengankuna Mukendi is a man with an amazing dream to build the social and economic wealth of Congolese in Brisbane, in the DR Congo and wherever his people live across Australia, Africa and inde...
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Latest Webtraining Graduate

A huge congratulations goes to our latest Webtraining graduate, Daniel Salamu from Burkina Faso! Beginning the course last year, he flew through all three stages of the course to pass with flying colours. Daniel was given something to smile about earlier this month when his hard-earned certificate o...
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